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Earl Marshall 103 Sellabration Angus Sale 12/4/16

Don't miss out on this historic annual event that will take place on Sunday Dec. 4th, 2016! 86 head of top end high quality Angus sell in this sale. Once again, we are one of the major consigners and we feel it is the best consignment of cattle we have ever offered in this sale. Below is a brief overview of the KM Cattle offering in the 2016 Earl Marshall Sale:
Lot 1: KM Sunny 5027
Sunny 5027 may be the best bull we have ever sold when you figure in his phenotype, EPD’s, and genomics. His pathfinder donor dam, KM Queen May 818, that is one of the best cows we have ever raised. Not many cows can put the depth, softness, and base width into their progeny that she does. It is almost unbelievable how much she puts into them and how consistent it is. She will do that, no matter what the mating is. She records 5 BW@97; 5 NR@112; 3 YW@102. While in the Riley Brothers herd, she had a NR of 120 on 3 calves, with an annual flush performed prior to breed back.
He is a beast in regards to base width, muscle, and depth and length of body. His flush brother, KM Sun Daze 5028 was the top selling bull in our 2016 Bull Sale selling for $10,000. He is a maternal brother to KM Obligation 259, who was our top selling bull in our 2013 Top Cut Bull Sale, selling to Mill Coulee Angus in Wisconsin and entering the ORIgen bullstud. He has maternal siblings in Montana (Sioux Pass Angus Ranch, Green Mountain Angus Ranch), Wisconsin (Mill Coulee Angus), Minnesota, and Iowa. He had a WW ratio of 102 and a YW ratio of 103 with a Scrotal Circumference of 37 cm. He ranks in the top 1% of the breed for RADG, $B; Top 3% for YW, CW; Top 4% for WW; Top 10% for CEM, Fat, $W; Top 15% for Doc, Marbling; Top 20% for RE; and Top 25% for CED. Only Sunrise son in the breed that ranks in the top 5% for YW(he is top 3%), while having a big scrotal EPD of +.75 or higher (his EPD= +1.03), and on top of that, his $B ranks in the top 1%.

Lot 2: KM Complete Princess 046
This full sister to ABS Feature, KM Broken Bow 002, is the female version of her full brother. Deep, heavy muscled, long bodied, excellent footed, and the type of female that merits being a donor cow in any program across the country. Like Broken Bow does so well, she carries that muscle deep down into her lower quarter. We have never let go of a female of this caliber. Broken Bow finished the spring of 2016 as one of ABS Global’s top sellers and is one of the most popular bulls in Australia, with foot quality, muscle, fleshing ability, feed efficiency (DMI+RADG) and daughters being a large reason for that. She has been an excellent producer as a cow and donor. Another full brother sold to 2J Angus of Ogden, IA. She records 5 BW@95; 5 WW@107; 3 YW@103; and had a 365 day calving interval prior to flushing this spring. Expecting ET progeny by 3 different sires. Take note of her individual performance ratio’s- BW: 99; WW: 100; YW: 105; Feed Test: 114; Scan Wt: 985 lb, ratio 104; Pct IMF: 8.96, ratio 153; RE: 13.4, ratio 124. Her 2nd generation pathfinder dam records 7 BW@99; 7 WW@108; 6 YW@103. She ranks in the top 2% for HP, Milk; top 5% for $W, CEM; top 10% for $B, $F, RE; top 15% for BW, RADG, DMI, SC; top 20% for YW; top 25% for CED, WW, Marb. Examined safe to SAC Conversation due 4/21/17.

Full Brother to Lot 2 donor, maternal brother to Lot 3
Lot 2A: KM Princess embryos
-3 embryos
These embryos by the Lot 2 donor, KM Complete Princess 046 are sired by the $350,000 HA Cowboy Up who sold this spring in the Hinman Angus bull sale to Express Ranches and Wilks Ranch. He was the talk of the 2016 Bull Sale season and is an outcross bull who offers loads of performance, base width, and depth, all while being super sound and balanced.

Full Brother to Lot 3 who sold to Wagonhammer, Mat. bro to Lot 2
Lot 3: KM Princess 4202
This maternal sister to the ABS feature, KM Broken Bow by Barstow Cash is a thick made, easy fleshing, deep sided female. She is also a maternal sister to Lot 2. A full brother, KM Cashier 318, sold to Wagonhammer Angus Ranch in our 2014 Bull Sale and another flush brother KM Cash 319 was the $8,100 feature in the 2014 Earl Marshall Sale (His progeny sell in this sale). She was the result of a split embryo so therefore has an identical twin sister who produced the Lot 3A heifer by PA Full Power. 4202’s 2016 calf was too young to report at time of weaning. Her 2nd generation pathfinder dam records 7 BW@99; 7 WW@108; 6 YW@103. She ranks in the top 5% of the breed for CED, RADG, CEM; top 10% for BW, YW, $W; top 15% for WW; top 25% for DMI, SC, HP. Examined safe due 4/21/17 to Lot 1- KM Sunny 5027.

Lot 3A: KM Princess 6116
This heifer calf by an identical twin sister (split embryo) to Lot 3 is very much like her mother in regards to base width, muscle and depth. Halter broke fancy show heifer with the EPD’s and carcass traits to be a money making brood cow from the proven Princess cow family. Her dam is a maternal sister to KM Broken Bow, the sensational ABS calving ease sire. Her sire, Full Power is a popular Genex bull with tremendous growth, carcass, and docility traits (+28 Doc= top 5%). She also has a very impressive spread from BW (top 10%) to YW (top 5%), while also bringing in very strong carcass qualities. Her 2nd generation pathfinder granddam records 7 BW@99; 7 WW@108; 6 YW@103.

Dam of Lot 4, Full sis to Lot 2, Mat. sis to Lot 3
Lot 4: KM Princess 4235
Dam is a full sister to Lot 2 and ABS feature, KM Broken Bow. This female has a tremendous future ahead of her and combines two of the best cows in the history of KM Cattle Company, KM Queen May 818 and Summitcrest Princess 0P12. Her sire was our choice to use in 2013 and his full brother sold to Mill Coulee Angus in WI and leased to ORIgen. A maternal sister to 4235 by GAR Sunrise is a future donor cow for us. Sire records 12 BW@100; 12 WW@101; 9 YW@101; 2 IMF@117; 2 RE@103. Dam records 4 BW@97; 4 WW@110; 2 YW@112, has a 354 day calving interval, and has been a productive donor for us. Her 2nd generation pathfinder granddam records 7 BW@99; 7 WW@108; 6 YW@103. Examined safe due 4/23/17 to Lot 1- KM Sunny 5027 carrying a heifer.

Lot 5: KM Princess 5125
Granddam is a full sister to KM Broken Bow. Dam was the best female in our 2012 calf crop, with WW ratio 117, YW ratio 109, IMF ratio 125, RE ratio 121 and she records 2 WW@104; 2 YW@105. Her 3rd generation pathfinder granddam records 4 WW@103; 4 YW@101; 3 IMF@106; 3 RE@103; 3 Fat@94. She is double bred KM Princess cow family, tracing back to 0P12 (dam of Broken Bow) on top and bottom of her pedigree. She has loads of potential. Her sire was the featured bull in our 2014 Earl Marshall Sale selling for $8,100 and is an Identical twin brother (split embryo) to the bull we sold to Wagonhammer Angus Ranch, KM Cashier 318, as well as a maternal brother to KM Broken Bow 002. Her individual performance- BW ratio 99, WW ratio 112, YW ratio 111. Super EPD’s ranking top 2% WW; top 4% YW; Top 5% $W; Top 20% BW, Milk, $B; Top 25% CED, RE. Examined safe due 3/3/17 to KM Roughage Buster 93 (ABS).

Lot 6: KM Lady Jewell 5117
This featured Bred Heifer from a phenotypic and performance standpoint is sired by KM Broken Bow comes from the famous Lady cow family of Benoit Angus in KS. She traces back to the great E&b Lady Ext 858. She is a high performance growthy heifer who is well balanced, attractive, sound made, and exhibits extraordinary capacity. Her dam is a massive tank of a brood cow. Her individual performance- BW ratio 89, WW ratio 95, YW ratio 101. Examined safe due 2/10/17 to Connealy Comrade.

Sire of Lot 7, Maternal bro to Lot 1, Full bro to sire of Lot 4
Lot 7: KM Ivy 5113
This bred heifer is sired by KM Obligation 259 (maternal brother to Lot 1) who was our top selling bull in our 2013 Bull Sale selling to Mill Coulee Angus in WI and was leased to ORIgen. We have used him very heavy over the last few years and his best attribute has been the females he produced. They make wonderful cows. In our herd, his daughters have a combined NR of 105. The Ivy cow family has been a really good cow family that brings in excellent maternal traits. She recorded a WW ratio of 104. Dam records 2 NR@102. A.I. bred to KM Broken Bow on 5/4/16. Pasture exposed to KM Sundog 5025. Vet examined too close to call due Mid to Late February 2017.

Lot 8: Flag Blue Lady 00509
Don’t miss this featured tank of a female. She is a special picture perfect cow with unbelievable base width, depth, style, and overall power and balance. She will produce daughters that can win shows and then turn around and be power females that produce herd bulls. Use her any way you want and hit a home run. She can do it all. She could be a club calf producer. Purchased as our pick of the bred heifers in the 2011 Flag Ranch Dispersal Sale. Phenotypically and performance wise, there is absolutely nothing I would change about this female. 3 daughters and 2 granddaughters are being retained in the herd. A son by Deer Valley Patriot (WW ratio 116) and a grandson by KM Broken Bow (WW ratio 113) are 2 of the featured bulls in our 2017 Top Cut Bull Sale. Examined safe due 1/4/17 to KM Broken Bow 002.

Lot 9: KM Queen May 190
An exceptional female and one of our best KM Roughage Buster daughters, from the powerful KM Queen May cow family. Super Broken Bow daughter (and she’s bred back that way) is retained and was the dam of a $6,000 Full Power son in our 2016 Bull Sale. A deep, easy fleshing, thick made female with excellent udder and foot quality. Examined safe due 1/19/17 to KM Broken Bow 002.

Lot 10: KM Susie 6112
Another halter broke show heifer prospect that will start a line of calving ease genetics with tremendous growth. Spread genetics at its best. All of the females on the bottom side of her pedigree are deep, broody model cows with the look. Stems from a Lance Rice show heifer at Snake Creek Angus Ranch at Scottsbluff, NE. An opportunity to buy one of Roughage Buster’s best females, whom we sold to High Point Genetics and ABS Global. He sired the top selling bull and top selling sire group at the 2013 High Point Sale. His career was cut short due to an injury resulting in limited semen at ABS. The Roughage Buster x Broken Bow cross has proven to be a great mating. She ranks in the top 1% for CED, BW; top 10% for WW, $W; top 25% for YW.

Sire of Lot 11
Lot 11: KM Commercial Bred Heifer 5108
This daughter of KM Broken Bow 002 is out of a purebred Angus cow who has been an excellent high performing recipient cow for us, raising E.T. calves. Here is an opportunity to purchase a bred heifer that will be a top commercial cow as well as other females in this sale can be purchased at commercial prices to add to your progressive commercial cow herd. So sit on the seats and put together a nice set. Examined safe due 2/10/17 to KM Roughage Buster 93 (ABS).

Sire of Lot 12, Full brother to Lot 3
Lot 12: KM Elba 5121
This bred heifer is a stylish KM Cash 319 daughter. She is an attractive, feminine brood cow prospect combining some great cow families that are always very productive. Her sire is a maternal brother to KM Broken Bow 002 (ABS), full brother to Lot 3 and an identical twin brother to KM Cashier 318 (split embryo) whom sold to Wagonhammer Angus Ranch. Bred A.I. on 5/4/16 to KM Broken Bow. Pasture exposed to KM Sundog 5025. Examined safe due 3/3/17 to KM Sundog 5025 (Full Brother to Lot 1).

Lot 13: KM Elba 5123
This Foresight x Broken Bow bred heifer is a nicely made, feminine and attractive female who is destined to be a very good producer, having a lot of really good cows on top and bottom of her pedigree. Her Broken Bow dam is one of our best Broken Bow daughters and has a perfect udder. Very maternal cow family. Bred A.I. on 5/5/16 to KM Roughage Buster 93. Pasture Exposed to KM Sundog 5025. Examined safe due 3/3/17 to KM Sundog 5025 (Full brother to Lot 1).

$8,750 son of Lot 14
Lot 14: RB Evergreen 977
Don’t miss out on your chance to own a clean Connealy All Around daughter that traces back to the breed famous GT Miss Traveler 58, who still shows in her pedigree. This cow has been a very productive cow for us. Her 2013 born bull was our 2nd top selling bull selling for $8,750. A Broken Bow daughter is retained and is already making a large impact with one of our top bulls in our 2017 Bull Sale by A&B Spotlite (ratio-102). Her 2015 born bull sold to J&L Angus. She records 4 BW@92; 4 NR@99; 3 IMF@115; 349 day calving interval on 5 calves. Examined safe due 4/17/17 to Lot 1 feature KM Sunny 5027, carrying a heifer.

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